Hello and welcome,

We are a language centre teaching foreign languages as well as Slovak for foreigners. Besides we are trying to support and help foreign nationals with different aspects of their life in our beautiful country.

We organise courses of Slovak language, as well as other languages, regularly in companies as well as in our own classrooms. We have three locations, Miletičova 1 next to Business Centre Central, Laurinská 2 in the old town of Bratislava and in the centre of Rovinka.

Should you wish to take part in our language courses or you feel that you may also contribute to others in any way please contact us and we will do our best to teach you everything, so that you speak Slovak instantly.

We try to have maximum of 6 students per lesson to maximise the effectivity of group progress, but this may vary based on your preferences or class requirements.

Should you wish to provide your work instead of tuition payment please let us know as we have plenty of students looking for different languages that you may teach in return for us. Please contact us directly for details of language exchange meeting program.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you a very nice day :)

your Super Language team

SuperJazyk, s.r.o.
Peter Majlath MA
Hlavna 470
900 41 Rovinka

Mileticova 1
821 08 Bratislava
Laurinska 2
811 01 Bratislava
+421 948 888 147
+421 903 392 768
IČO 47 721 413
DIČ 2024 068 497
Account number:
IBAN: SK7909000000005054070576